Meet the Team

We’re here to give credit to the coaches, players, administrators, officials, contributors and news makers of local high school football.

We’re here to supplement the already existing coverage afforded to our local student athletes. We applaud all local media outlets who help put a spotlight on local high school football.



Former Player/Prospect

& Co-host

Twitter: @ANTT702

As a young man, big Ant came to Henderson from Louisiana; straight to Pitman. Before any local program was dominating national headlines, Ant played for the Basic Wolves.

His performance afforded him the opportunity at a Div. I scholarship with Oregon State University.

Ant was best known for being as ruthless on the defensive line as he was at the buffet. Ant brings the perspective of a local player, turned prospect who went on to play ball at the next level.

Coach Ray

Resident Expert

Weekly Guest

Twitter: @coach_kendric 

Coach Ray will be a weekly guest on the podcast. He will drop knowledge and provide expertise that should make up for the occasional shortcomings of Ant & Tuasdad.

Coach Ray has mentored some of the best players to come through the valley. He’s an offensive specialist that has a heart of gold and wants to see these young men succeed on and off the field.

For a decade, Coach Ray has been under the tutelage of one of the most respected and successful coaches in the valley.

Tua’s Dad



Twitter: @Tuasdad

In Texas, there are tens of thousands of high school football fans. In Nevada we have five, maybe six. Tua’s dad is one them.

A graduate (barely) of old Maryland Pkwy Gorman, his biggest claim to fame was on the freshmen team just before Y2K (Google it kids). Tuasdad finally left the bench and played the majority of a game. Unfortunately that game was a 112-6 loss to Cheyenne. True story.